January 22, 2011

Update from Dr's Appointment

Okay JD and my Mom were right.  I really did need to go to the Dr.  He said it sounds like I have the start of pneumonia in my right lung.  There is a lot of rattle and wheeze going on in there.  So I am on an inhaler 2x a day right now.  If my fever comes back I am to start on an antibiotic that he has prescribed.

I did the inhaler 2x yesterday and once this morning, and I feel like crap!  I ended up throwing up two time last night.  Once after lunch and once after dinner.  And now today I feel as weak as a wet kitten.  Of course I am working today.  Brutal!  But I have to as my staff has had to cover for me for 4 days already.  I can't make them work the weekend too.  But man oh man do I wish I didn't have to be here.

I'm so worried about little nut.  I hope/pray that everything is okay.  I yelled at JD this morning as I'm so snippy.  I'm snippy because I'm tired, weak, and rung out with worry.  I know there is nothing I can do, I just have to pray that this little nut can keep fighting to hold on.  If you have healthy vibes, please send them my way!

Much Love!



LisainSK said...

Take it easy ks!! Thinking of you...sending you some virtual chicken soup!

Brenda said...

So sorry you are sick KS. I got really sick when I was pregnant and was sure that between the fever and the cold medicine that I had pickled that babies......but apparently not! Perhaps you can get the OB to fit you in for an "anxiety appointment." And please try to take it easy. Remember, your employees may be tired because they are working extra shifts, but they are not pregnant and coming down with pneumonia!! Many good vibes being sent your way....B