November 10, 2010

Sad Day Today

One of our fellow blog friends is suffering loss #6 today.  My heart just breaks for Mo and Will.  They have been absolute warriors in this trying to conceive battle.  Please if you have any words for someone who has suffered repeated loss' or you just want to add your prayers and condolences, pop over to Life and Love in the Petri Dish.

Mo and Will are with the best clinic is the country.  And they have done extensive testing on the embryo prior to transfer.  I don't know why this has happened to them again.  And I don't know that they will ever truly get any answers.  This whole ttc thing is impossibly hard and unfair.  We all try to stay positive and optimistic but when you are continually faced with these types of loss' it is so very hard.

Mo & Will I am thinking of you today.  You are both in my heart and prayers.

Much Love



LisainSK said...

I know...I head is just spinning for them too...trying to celebrate my news today and grieving my good friend R on One Egg Please and Mo and Will. Hang in there ks!!

Jen said...

I am crossing all my fingers and hoping you get great news tommorrow !!! stay strong and don't ever give up hope ! I am trying to do the same !
take care