September 9, 2010

Last Day of Lupron!

Hooray!  Yippee!  I hope I never have to take this stuff again for at least 1-2 years!  OMG!  I have been in agony.  My PMS back ache was times 100!  I have pretty much been in the fetal position for 4-5 days.  And the headaches....YOWZA!!!  I finally made it to the gym last night.  It hurt but I did it.  I haven't been on my bike though in over a week.  The weather has been terribly unco-operative and I am just now shaking the cough that I've had from being sick.  I'm really hoping for a little sunshine this weekend.  JD and I are still trying to do the bike race next weekend.  And if we don't want to embarrass ourselves we need to get in a couple of rides.

I haven't heard from the clinic yet about the donor.  I've heard from a couple of friends who also went to this clinic that they are very good about updating you every time your donor has an appointment.  I'm sure I'll here in the next week or so.  I expect she's going to start stimming about a week into the rest of us starting estrace.  Us ladies using DE usually need a little bit more time than the average female to build a lining.  Ohhhhh  how I pray that this donor is a rock star producer!  And I pray that JD's little guys are feeling healthy.  I'll post more when I know more.  I'm off to nurse my killing head and finish some paper work that's been calling my name for a week!

Much Love!

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