September 6, 2010

Lupron Day 4

Oh Lupron you are kicking my ASS!  I feel terrible!  I'm surprised actually.  I usually never have a reaction to Lupron, but mind you I've always done the Lupron Depot shot.  The daily injections though WOW!  They are hurting me.  I've had a headache for 3 days.  A bad stomach ache for 2.  And I'm feeling really pms'y today.  I guess that is good because they wanted everyone else to have their cycle day 1's today.  They aren't really concerned about mine. {shrug}  I will probably have one though soon.  I'm already 8 days late, and I stopped my HRT today so....  We'll see!  I have my fingers crossed though.  I would like to have an AF before I start the estrace.  Because if I know my body, no doubt if I don't have one I will drop my lining. 

I told JD I would do a prediction post of what I think is going to happen in the next month....

We'll come back from Washington having spent close to $1200 on the trip.  (money we really don't have)  And 4 things will happen.
  1. My couch will fall apart finally.  The arm has been leaning to the right now for 6 months, and it looks like it could go any minute.
  2. The dishwasher will finally quit.
  3. The bearing that has been screaming at us from the dryer will finally seize, the washing machine already doesn't spin.
  4. We'll find out we are a bfn.
Why will all this happen?  Because it is the ks & JD show!  And we are a gong show of bad luck with horrible timing!  LOL!  Please note I am laughing as I post my prediction list.  It's not really funny, but to us it is funny, because this is how our entire marriage has gone.   We went to Germany for 2 weeks when things at work were not great, we spent way too much money but had a fantastic trip.  We were home 2 days and our tv blew!  Warranty expired 2 weeks prior!  Love IT!  I went to Vegas when I was unemployed and we were newlyweds.  No money...  Came back and our fridge had quit!  Awesome!

So if past experience has taught me anything...  I better start shopping out at least one new appliance before our trip.  C'est la vie!

Much Love!


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