August 6, 2010

OverDue UpDate Dermatologist

Sorry it has taken me so long to update about my appointment with the Dermatologist, but I haven't been in a very good place for the last 3 weeks.  Blah!  Anyway, apparently I am getting old, because this Dr was a freaking tween!  I almost asked him how he liked New.Moon!?  LOL!  He also doesn't know what it was I had, he thinks bug bites...  Okay I'm 32 dude!  I think I would know if I had 100+ critters biting each ankle and calf!  They were NOT bug bites.  But because they were relatively gone other than dry skin blemishes, he can't say 100% what it was.  I still whole heartily believe it was an allergic reaction to something in that birth controls make up. 

Shady45 has decided to not attempt another round of bcp's though, they are just going to keep me on HRT and then have me take provera to time me up with the other ladies in my cycle.  We still have not heard anything.  I would love to know if we were thinking of September, October or November.  But alas we are still in the dark!

I threw out my my back this week, so I haven't been to the gym.  JD and I shovelled 3 tons of gravel on the weekend, and my poor back and abs just weren't ready for that kind of torture!  That's probably adding to my black mood.  I feel terrible about myself if I don't get off the couch and do stuff.  And my back was so bad this week, that I really couldn't do anything.  I should have gone for a massage, but I didn't think of it until yesterday and my massage therapist is booked.  I have booked one for next Friday though as I'm sure when I'm back at the gym next week it is going to hurt.  Oh well! 

Sorry I haven't been commenting.  I really haven't been on my computer a lot lately.  JD's Aunt is visiting from Engl.and so we've been really busy.  I'm working again this weekend so I will try to catch myself up on what everyone is up to.  I hope everyone is well!

Much Love


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