August 18, 2010

On The Schedule

Sort of...  I finally got an e-mail from my DE Nurse about when we might be cycling.  Keep in mind we are the third couple so we could very easily get dumped out of the cycle.  But the tentative ER date is set for the first week in October.  Looks like I have a little more than 6 weeks to get myself in good working order. 

JD and I are entering into a bike race (40km).  Race day is Sept 18.  We plan on keeping ourselves busy training for the race.  Well it won't really be a race for us, for us it's going to just be a ride, a big ride, something to accomplish.  I feel as though I haven't accomplished much in the last couple of years, so this is really what I need. 

We are off this morning and we are planning to do a 30km ride this morning.  I better get off the computer and wake JD up so we can get on the road. 

Congrats to Paige on a great second beta! 

Much Love


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HopeBPatient said...

very exciting that you're off and running! I've just started following as I think we're possibly about to embark on DE route. Lots of luck on this DE cycle!!