July 20, 2010

What a Week!

I haven't been updating because I am so tired of journaling bad news!  Since I have picked a donor and I am trying to make myself accomidable to be synced up I started bcp's after my last AF.  I actually had to e-mail the nurse to find out the proper day to start the bcp's, it's been that long since I have taken them.  Anyway, I started them last Sunday and by Monday morning my feet were on fire!  I knew I was having an allergic reaction but I wasn't 100% sure to what.  I mean it's not like I hadn't ever had bcp's before!  So I took my Monday morning pill.  And by mid day my ankles and calves were covered with red fiery bumps.  I won't call them hives because hives tend to go away when you take an allergy pill.  These suckers were not going away!  I e-mailed my local clinic what was going on.  We actually didn't connect with each other until Wednesday, but at this point I hadn't taken a bcp since Monday.  The 'hives' were not going away.  My local RE was worried it was a skin condition that can be brought on by bcp's that is common with an Auto Immune Disease called Ery.thema Nod.osom.  (I would recommend you not google it, it's gross!)  Anyway, it's only on your feet, ankles and the back of you calves, and since this is how I was presenting it was a pretty safe assumption. 

JD and I were supposed to start our vacation on Wednesday for our  Anniversary.  We ended up having to delay it one day so that I could go to the Dr's.  I was freaking out about Shady45 possibly dumping us as I can't even take bcp's without having a complication.  It was awful, and I was itchy and bitchy!  Happy Freaking Anniversary!   Shady45 said not to worry do your HRT and we will have you take provera when we need to sync you in.  Phew!  Fast forward to Thursday....  Dr doesn't believe it is Erythema as the bumps are smaller, is kind of left scratching his head as to what it is.  Wonders if it could be the start of shingles, etc...  Long story short, he orders b/w and chest x-ray, and prescribes super duper I'm in love with you steroid cream!  Blood work comes back great.  And I still haven't gone for the chest x-ray.  Super duper cream dried everything up by Monday for me!  I am now itch free!  Thank God! 

Personally I think I just had an allergic reaction to something in that particular form of bcp.  Which ended up coming out as a prickly heat rash.  I don't really know why it would have only have been on my feet and calves, but whatever, I'm better now.  And I really feel very healthy, so I'm not really that concerned.  I am just trying to reason with myself why I don't have to go for a chest x-ray, or the dermatologist for that matter!  Jeez can you tell I'm just tired of appointments and doctors!? 

There's been more anxiety I'm not even going to bother writing it out.  Let's just say that the weekend I had been waiting for since Christmas, was not as fulfilling as it should have been.  I will fill you in on the fun stuff, but in a later post.  This one is getting a little long!

Much Love!


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Jess said...

WOW!! That is crazy!! Glad that it cleared up and was nothing serious. Hope you enjoyed your anniversary in spite of it all.