July 22, 2010

Healthy Living!

As you can see from the ticker I have added to my side bar.  I have actually been tracking the changes that have occurred with my new 'Healthy Lifestyle'.  I didn't actually start tracking it for the first 3 months.  Unfortunately when I was weighed at the Endocrinologist in April, I got my first look at the scale.  I'm sure I have probably lost about 5 lbs. more than what currently is showing, but I'm going with what I actually know.  I haven't been as on top of everything as I could be.  But I really don't like to suffer and I really like food, so I'm not punishing myself, but there are definitely things I am staying away from. 

And it's funny I feel like I've lost a whole lot more than what the scale is showing.  I'm sure it's because I am replacing a lot of chub with muscle.  My shape is really changing.  The biggest difficulty that I have though is all the procedures and crap that I go through with the ttc journey, I end up having a lot of down times where I don't get to the gym.  I actually gained 5 lbs with the surgery.  I couldn't really work out for almost 3 weeks.  And with a thyroid disease, you need to be continual, especially when you are at the start of the weight loss regiment.  For any of you that are actually following my 'healthy living' this week I have been to; Spin Class, Drums Alive, Yoga, and Bars and Plates.  We are planning a 25km bike ride for Friday, we'll probably try to get in 2 workouts of the weekend, most likely they will be weight workouts.  I'm after some sexy arms!

I promise pictures of the weekend are coming!  And I will share all the good things that went on this weekend!  I just have to get my wonderful JD to upload the pics for me and I'll finish my post!  I hope all is well with all my blogger friends! 

Much Love!


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