July 27, 2010

At a Stand Still!

I feel like we are at a stand still on this cycle.  I have heard from nobody (minus the finance department) about this cycle.  I have no calendar.  I have no idea when we are cycling.  It's kind of driving me nuts.  I check my e-mail on an hourly basis waiting for someone to contact us.  I sent an e-mail to the DE Nurse on Friday to update her about my skin problem.  Never heard anything back...  I don't even know who to contact to try to figure out the calendar.  DE Coordinator or DE Nurse?  I don't know.  I guess I'll just keep on waiting.

I jokingly said to JD the other day "if we end up pregnant with a girl her middle name has to be Patience!"  Don't you think that would be perfect!  Taking into consideration that I have had to wait over a year in between fresh (Ha!) cycles.  I laugh because if you've been following my blog you know my first was not a fresh, it was a gong show!  Right now last year at this time I was on Lupron, and estrogen patches (bad idea) trying to build a lining.  With swollen hands and feet, my world came crashing down on July 31, 2009 when I dropped my minuscule lining.  My donor continued on and we ended up freezing everything, which wasn't an awesome haul in the first place!  Ahhhh memories!  How wonderful!

It seems like everything is on slow down right now.  I wonder if summer had anything to do with it..?   If everyone is having as good of weather as we are this summer, I can totally understand it!  Anyway I'll update about the dermatologists appointment later this week! 

Much Love!



MAJ Bryen said...

Shady 45 closes for a week in July, did they mention this to you? I wonder if that is why your calls aren't being returned. Have you been contacting your nurse or the mock cycle nurse? hoping this situation resolves for you...quickly!

ks said...

MAJ Bryen - I had no idea they closed for a week! Well that makes perfect sense now. Thanks for filling me in.