July 8, 2010

Going Out of Country...

If you ever wonder why we are going out of Country for our cycles.  Well here is the answer.  No one from the Canadian clinics ever gets back to you.  I had sent off an e-mail to 'Big City Clinic' to a woman who contacted me through this very blog, to get more information about doing a solo cycle here with an agency donor.  I had asked if there was an agency they would refer, what the cost would be and what kind of time frame we could anticipate.  I was very open about already being accepted at Shady45, but that we were still undecided about our decision. 

Have I heard back from any one!?  Nope!  I even gave them all my clinics information.  Whom I should add is one of their RE's!  Dr. Rachel (my RE) actually does all her IVF at their clinic, even though she has 2 clinics in the surrounding areas.  It actually does get better.  I had a woman offer to be my egg donor on Tuesday afternoon.  Normally I would laugh that type of thing off, but she is actually everything we are looking for.  Very pretty, tall, blue eyes, white blonde hair, mom to 3 kids (fertile), and under the age of 30.  Plus she's local!  But how the he!! do you get anything going to do a local cycle when no one will return your calls / e-mails asking for assistance?

Seriously?!  Being infertile is one of the most frustrating infuriating things in my life!

Shady45 did e-mail me that they posted a new donor that had some of the traits we were looking for yesterday afternoon.  We just didn't feel it with her though.  There was too many little things that were not selling her on us.  And maybe I am too selective, but I don't care.  I want it to be right, I refuse to settle.  Like JD said to me this morning, "you can settle on a pair of shoes, you don't settle on your donor!"  So the search for information and a donor continues!


If any of you are following our healthy living lifestyle!  We did 25km's yesterday on the road, then hit yoga for an hour, followed up with Bars and Plates class.  Oh and did I fail to mention it was 124' degrees yesterday!  Yowza!  I'm definitely feeling it today!  I had been slacking since the surgery, only making it to the gym on average 2x per week.  And I was working a lot over the last 2 weeks as well.  This is my first week back to my old schedule and I love it!  I am working again this weekend, which makes it 3 weekends straight!  Yuck!  Oh well!  It pays the bills and allows me to shop!

Much Love!


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Anonymous said...

I am so bummed you are not getting a good selection from them. I do recall having a few blondies to choose from with blue eyes, BUT some were like you describe. Maybe it's summer and they are not stepping up? I said I would wait for the perfect donor too and while I didn't have to wait I would have! Hang in there. They add them all the time. Don't settle! JD is right this is not a pair of shoes. I'm still bummed we didn't get frosties from our cycle and hope that our donor is still around when we go back. I know it probably won't be, but I can hope. Keep up the excercise! You will be happy when the time comes!