June 26, 2010

First Ride...First Fall...

Yes that's right I fell.  Not off my bike, nope, with my bike!  JD and I finally had a nice enough afternoon yesterday to hit the road.  (literally)  We have the click in shoes, we've been using them for months at spin class, so we are quite used to clicking them in and out (apparently not)!  Anyway, we were just getting out of the suburbs, standing at the last stop sign before we hit the 80km/hr road.  I had my left foot clicked in, my right foot loose, I was just pushing myself ahead a little to get myself going, when my shorts got caught on the seat!  By the time I got on the seat to try pedalling to get myself going I was already leaning over to the left, there was no way to stop the fall.  Down I went right onto the road.  My entire left side on my body is a bruise.  I of course put down my hand to try to lessen the impact of the fall, so you can imagine how awesome my wrist is feeling.  JD thought for sure I was going to say okay I'm done, let's go home.  Nope!  I persevered!  And we completed 21km's in just over an hour.

Now just make you laugh a little.  We were pulling into the driveway, right foot clicked out, left still in.  For some unknown reason I started to lean to the left.  OH NO!!!  Down I go again!  I have no idea why I leaned to the left.  You are completely useless if that foot isn't un-clicked!  I said a very loud 4 letter word on my way down, as I was already so sore I was dreading what this fall was going to feel like.  But thankfully I landed in the rose garden.  Not too bad.  JD is just standing there with his mouth wide open!  I looked at him and said yes honey this time you may laugh! 

I'm sure there are many more falls to come.  This is definitely not a hobby for the weak of heart.  You will fall, you will get banged up, you will have cars speeding past you too close for comfort.  But I think I kind of like it!  Today, not so much, but maybe tomorrow on my next ride I will have better luck!

Much Love!

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