June 22, 2010

$ Expensive $ Hobby!

No I'm not talking about trying to have a baby, although that is our most expensive hobby.  I'm talking about riding bikes!  JD and I are hooked!  We have fallen in love with our spin class, and have been talking about getting proper road bikes for a couple of months now.  I really wanted to wait to make sure this was a new thing that was going to stick with us.  And it seems the longer we do it the more we want to do it.  We went to a bike shop while we were away on the weekend, we each fell in love with a bike.  Of course they didn't have the right one for me (smur.fette that I am).  So we didn't buy anything on the weekend.  But we called around to other dealers and found a shop that has mine and JD's size there (the last ones), we pick them up tomorrow!  We are both so excited!  We've been clocking the mileage getting ready for our first road ride!  We are planning our first ride this weekend after work, and we are ambitiously going to try to do 25km's.  I just pray I don't have to put my feet down fast, I still haven't mastered unlocking my riding shoes very fast! 

The bikes are not cheap, but I don't feel bad about spending the $.  It's being spent on something that is to increase our healthy living lifestyle.  We could be spending our money on other stupid shit.  But we enjoy this and it makes us feel good about ourselves!  Unfortunately we also need to purchase, helmets, new pedals, water canister, and a bike rack for the garage.  I asked JD yesterday to remind me why we didn't just take up running!!  LOL!


I have started the mock cycle.  I have my u/s and b/w on Monday June 28th.  I'm kind of stressing out about it.  I haven't had an awesome track record with linings and such.  I can't really tell if anything is going on.  I finally got rid of that nagging migraine I had, but I did have to use some Ad.vil which is not good when trying to build a lining.  I ended up doubling up on my dose a couple of times to try to combat that.  I'm sure my b/w will show that.  But whatever!  I've always had really high E2 levels.  Even when they started me on hormone replacement therapy.  My levels were always really high.  So it's kind of strange that I get all the menopausal symptoms.  But I am never surprised when my body shocks the Dr's.  I'm more surprised when it co-operates.

I have some other bits of nonsense that I'll fill you all in on later!  I hope all my blogger friends are well.  I may not comment much, but you all are always in my thoughts!

Much Love



Anonymous said...

Good luck for the mock cycle. I hope that your body shocks you and cooperates! LOL

Mad Hatter said...

Thinking of you and wishing you all the best for Monday!