May 21, 2010

Victoria Day Weekend!

We actually have this weekend off!  JD and I never have a holiday weekend off.  I really hope the weather co-operates with us though.  I have a lot of yard work planned.  We have 2 new trees and a rose bush to plant in the back garden, we have to replace 4 small trees out front and I have to do my flower pots.  The grass needs to be cut, the patio needs more polymaric sand, and the Christmas light (yes I know) definitely need to come down.  We have to get this work done before I go for surgery.  My mom and dad are coming down to stay with me for my recovery, and my dad is going to finish off my under ground sprinklers.  We put in the under ground sprinklers 2 summers ago when we did a large inter lock patio and walking path.  We just didn't get to finish the plumbing work, so they haven't been operational.  Soon though!  Yayyy!

We haven't done the gardens yet, because last week we were still waking up to 1 degree temps and frost.  In Ontario you really do have to wait until May 24 weekend.  But if you do it any later than that your flowers will be horrible.  Trust me that happened to me last year.  And the year before that we did the patio work so all my gardens were dug up and destroyed.  And I love flowers in the summer.  I tend to them daily.

Anyway enough about that....

I've had all my pre-op appointments this week.  Surgery is good to go.  I was light on the gym this week but that's okay I'll hit 3 classes this weekend.  And I plan on going at least 2x next week before I get really knocked down.  I've emailed Shady45 to see when I can have the proper passcode for the donor profiles.  They finally got all my testing back on Tuesday.  I still do not have the HI.V or Hep.  Yayyy good for me! 

That's all the updates I can think of right now.  I'm thinking of all of you out there, even if I'm not commenting as much lately.  I've just been on quiet mode.  Contemplating what's coming...  Ahhhh whateves!

Lots of Love


Michelle D said...

Sounds like a wonderfully busy weekend. I bet your place will look gorgeous. Wishing I had a green thumb. Also good luck with the follow up with Shady and of course with surgery. Take care of yourself :)

babyrecipe said...

They might hold on the passcode until you are ready to get started because they get some turnover on the donors. The donor I picked was gone in less than a week - picked by three ladies. Depends on what type of cycle you are doing though. yay for moving forward!!!!