May 17, 2010

Happy Birthday Me!!!

Well yesterday...  But whateves!  I had a great day yesterday.  JD bought me a purse I've been wanting for over a year!  What a guy!  Saturday night we went out for dinner with A & P. (JD's sis and hubs)  We went 5 pin bowling after dinner and that was a hoot!  I am a terrible 5 pin bowler!  It was good!

Okay I'm off for a pre-op appointment!  I'm 32 and being sterilized!  Isn't life awesome! My life rocks!  LOL!!

Lots of love to all!



Michelle D said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! (late) I hope you had a great time...sounds like it. Good luck with your pre-op and upcoming appointments :)

MAJ Bryen said...

Happy Birthday! I hope all goes well and you can get a cycle underway soon. Hopefully, that would be a great birthday present!

Mad Hatter said...

Best wishes for a great birthday and a fruitful year ahead! ;-)