May 14, 2010

Bathroom Explosion!

What a morning!  I hit the snooze button 1, 2 okay 3 times more than I usually do in the morning.  So we were running a little behind schedule to begin with this morning.  But by 5:30 I was out of the shower, dressed and starting my make up.  JD however was still feeding the dogs half asleep.  I get ready in the guest bathroom, so that we aren't tripping over each other in the mornings.  By the time JD is making his way up the stairs to come and shave in my bathroom, I've now blown dry my hair and have started curling it.  JD finishes and heads off to the other bathroom.

Next thing I hear....

JD  :  CRAP!
Me :  What's up babe?  What's wrong?
JD  :  Sinks clogged AGAIN...  It's not draining at all...
Me :

JD then takes off down the stairs.  I hear him go down to the basement, and as he's running back up I hear him grumble I'll fix you!!!

(this sink has been giving us issues for over 6 months.  We've taken it all apart and still can not find where the clog is)

JD re-enters the master ensuite.  I hear silence....then...

What's up, what's wrong?  What happened?
Babe?  You okay?
Do NOT come in here!

So of course I go in to see what has happened.  My bathroom pretty much exploded!  JD was using the 10 second plumber plunger and I guess he forgot to block the over flow hole.  And wouldn't you know it the crap just flew out!  It was all over the walls, counter, mirror, ceiling, everything!!!  This disgusting goop!  I looked at him standing there in his boxers, with the plunger in hand, with his OH face on...  And my god I think I fell more in love with him that minute.  We both lost it laughing and then I looked at him and told him he better get busy!  This has to get cleaned up before we leave!

Yup we were a little late this morning!


Bec said...

Oh so adorable! I can just imagine his face!

Eggs said...

Don't you love it when they screw up? Not to laugh at them, but to have a moment to not react, to be empathetic, and to laugh.