May 13, 2010

TPO... High Score Again!

Yes that's right!  I got the high score yet again.  Not only do I break records with my E2 levels and my fsh, but I also like to score really high with my TPO.  TPO stands for thyroid peroxidase.  Thyroid peroxidase (TPO) is an antibody that can help or disrupt the production of hormones, depending on their working levels.  I believe regular TPO levels can range anywhere from 25 - 350.  Mine is 3850.  It is very common to have raised TPO if you have Graves or Hashimoto.  We already knew I have Hashimoto, so I don't really understand why it was such a shock for my RE that my levels were so high.  But she was shocked.

Since this discovery she believes that there definitely needs to be some changes made with my protocol for my next transfer.  She believes that I should be on Dex, Heparin and 80 mg aspi.rin daily until bfn or 8 weeks.  I have yet to forward this information to the clinic in Wash.ington.  There really is no rush.  They are waiting for my infectious disease results still.  And really how do you go about telling your RE "Oh by the way not all of my testing came back awesome..." and  "So am I accepted into the guarantee program?"  

Awesome!  I probably will e-mail them today, pull off the band-aid right?   It just feels like everything is dragging forward so very slowly, so I haven't rushed as there really is no point.  Surgery is in 2 weeks.  Blahhh!  I'm feeling very blahhh about everything.  Whatever...

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MAJ Bryen said...

I would be shocked that even with your high TPO you would not be accepted. The only folks who are not are people with malformed uteri or with infectious diseases. Best wishes on your surgery!