April 14, 2010

Taking a Night Off

I've decided not to go to the gym tonight for sp.in class.  I've decided to stay home and surf the net!  I've been very good on the healthy lifestyle front.  I have done 3.5 hours of spin class, consisting of 50km's on the bike, since Sunday.  I've been watching what and how much I eat through the day.  I feel good.  JD is obsessive about weighing himself and he has lost 10 lbs.  Of course losing weight for JD is no trouble though.  Gosh I hate him some days!  LOL! 

We crossed one hurdle today.  We got all the financing in order to start the cycle.  Looks like it's going to be parked for a while hopefully gaining some interest!  That was one major weight lifted off of my shoulders though. 

I had my tsh ran yesterday and the results came back okay.  .065 so still a little too low when trying to get pregnant and keep a pregnancy.  I'm not going to freak out about it now though, I have my appointment with the Endo on Monday.  I'm hoping that this guy will have a better understanding of TSH on ttc. 

Anyway this wasn't too much of a post.  Moder.n Fam.ily just started and now I've lost my focus!  LOL!  More soon!


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