April 8, 2010

POF and Hormonal?!?!

I've been quiet this week because I've been in a low mood.  Nothing has happened,  nothing has changed, and nothing has moved forward.  I'm still waiting...  That's probably why I am so low.  I hate this waiting.  Another week passes and I still don't have a date for my surgery.  I feel so fucking helpless!!!  I just want to call and scream at someone anyone!  But there is no one to scream at.  The Dr's and nurses don't care it's not them that's been riding this bench for 5+ years!

I could actually be a little hormonal this week.  I know funny right?!  From a POF girl!  Anyway, I have just had my 3rd AF in 40 days.  Doesn't POF mean I'm supposed to slow down on having them?  Isn't HRT supposed to somewhat control this?  And this last AF was not a normal one for me.  I was in excruciating pain.  I was bloated for 3 days before it even started.  Not just my belly either my whole body.  I couldn't get my wedding ring off.  On the 4th night I almost had JD take me to emerg.  I was in such awful pain throughout my entire abdomen that I thought for sure it was a digestive problem of sorts. 

I've contacted my RE.  She advised that break thru bleeding is normal on HRT.  And that I shouldn't worry.  She wants to see me next month.  Yahhh more Dr's appointments!  I have my GP appoitment next week to check my tsh, then a week later an Endo appointment, then back to the RE.  Now c'mon surgeon are you kidding me that I've seen all 3 other Dr's 2x and you still can't give me a fucking surgery date!!!???  WHAT THE FUCK!!!???

Whatever!  Thank God I've got spin class tonight.  I'll work off some of my aggression there!


Michelle D said...

I hate that with POF...the feeling out of hormonal whack despite the fact you aren't supposed to. I hope you feel better soon. Sorry about all the delays with your surgery too. Good luck and take care :)

Jericho said...

If nothing else---YEY for spin class---i miss mine. Need to get into another one!