April 2, 2010

Happy Easter!

Another holiday weekend and we're working.  Oh well!  Such is life!  I have a busy weekend planned though.  My BFF is visiting until tomorrow morning.  And Sunday we have the In-Law family dinner.  And of course I'm working Saturday and Sunday.  I've also got to try to schedule in time to work out.  I'm sure there is going to be some cheating on my diet plan on Sunday, so I must hit the eliptical for at least 1-2 hours.  My father in law sent a message to me that he was making my sausages...  Ohhhh how I love his sausages!!!  Okay!  Get your minds out of the gutter.  My father in law was going to be a chef or a priest when he was a young gent in England.  His cooking is out of this world.  And he makes these sausages baked in the oven that are absolutely mouth watering.  I'm not exagerating when I say Mike is a magician in the kitchen.  I really wish he had taught JD some of his talent, but no such luck!

This week I've done really well with trying to maintain a healthy, balanced meal plan.  I'm not weighing myself so there will never be a weight loss update, unless one day I manage to make it back down to 125 lbs.  (sweet dream chubby bunny)  But I will share what I am doing to try to feel healthy again.   This week JD and I dragged ourselves back to spin class.  It's been 3 months!  I know!  We cycled in Jan, sick in Feb, and travelled in March.  Excuses, excuses, no more excuses...  Anyway we hit Monday's class, Tuesday's class and Wednesday's.  We worked our butts off this week.   We are tracking how many km's we do each class.  Each class varies with different instructers working on different things.  In total though I did almost 50 km's this week!  Not bad after a 3 months hiatus!  I took it easy last night as I had company coming, but I did get 5 km's on my eliptical.  And I'm hoping that early this evening my BFF won't mind if I go work out for an hour.  I'll have to remind her I plan on gourging myself with sausages on Sunday!  LOL!

My jeans fit a little better.  I bought a pair of Lu.Lu Lem.on pants in a size I haven't worn in almost 1 year!  And I feel better.  I still have a long way to go, and it will always be a battle.  But I'm hoping that JD and I are starting a new routine.  I defenitely don't plan on depriving myself of everything, just being a little more sporadic about the treats. 

Well I hope all my blogger friends have a great Easter Weekend.  If you don't celebrate it enjoy your long weekend anyway.  All my very best wishes and dreams to you all!



Michelle D said...

Good work on the healthy you! I need to be more like that. I love the chubby bunny comment too...that made me laugh. Good luck and enjoy your easter :)

Hua said...


It sounds like you have an awesome plan to really get into great shape. Hopefully those wonderful sausages wont get in the way too much.

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