April 21, 2010


It's been quiet for me lately.  Work, eat, sleep, workout and repeat...  I had my Endo appointment on Monday.   Everything is fine.  Levels look good.  He doesn't want to see me again until I get pregnant.  So in other words NEVER.

Obviously I still haven't heard from the surgeon's office.  I've given up being mad, sad, or impatient.  I've just plain given up...

I have struggled for 5 years.  For 5 years I have kept hope alive in the bottom of my heart.  It's slowly having the door shut on it.  That's about all I have to say on the trying aspect of my life...  :(


Onto the healthy lifestyle.  I wasn't so great on the weekend.  I worked all weekend so I was pretty tired.  But I started off this week right.  I made it to a class I've wanted to do for a while on Monday night.  It's called Bars and Plates.  It is a lot of upper body work.  It was really good.  Then I did spin for an hour (17km).  And Tuesday I could barely walk!  But I still got on the eliptical!  Tonight I have a repeat of Monday.  So I will be very tired tonight!  Good tired though!

At the Endo on Monday they had to weigh me.  OMG!!!  I have a lot of work to do!  It seems un-obtainable!    But whateves it's just a number!  It's more about how I feel and how I see myself!  I think I look okay.  So I'll keep doing what I can, and hopefully the scale will reflect what I have been doing!

I have a couple of fellow bloggers that are PUPO right now!  I'm thinking of you all and hoping with all my might that you get your happy ending!  Much love!



Michelle D said...

There is always a quiet before the storm...or in your case hopefully lots of activity and things moving forward :) Good luck and don't give up hope

Anonymous said...

Wow! I definately need to follow your lead on the gym thing.
You are right about the number. It is only a number...its how you feel that matters most.