March 2, 2010

What a Game!!

WOW!  What a close to the Oly.mpics for Team Canada!  I swear I heard the Nation cheer on Sunday night!  We watched the game with my In-Laws, I had the twins on my lap for the final goal!  We all screamed and cheered.  And of course we sang our National Anthem. 

Hockey is HUGE in my family.  I was raised a rink rat.  And I didn't just run around the rink.  I played Ringette from the time I was 7.  It goes so deep that I get a warm home feeling when I step into an arena and smell the ice.  Anyway winning the gold medal is BIG for us Canucks!  We've always claimed hockey as our sport, and for the next 4 years we can say it!  That is until Rus.sia in 2014! 

Maybe I'm biased but I really thought these were awesome.  I was so taken with the courage of all the Olym.pic athletes.  They endure so much for the sport they love,  the drive it takes to become their countries best, and the sacrifices they make to get to the!  Well athletes, I applaud you, every single one of you.  Who cares if you didn't place where you wanted, you made it!  You beat out thousands to get there!  You've done something most of us only dream about!  Be proud of yourselves!

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