February 26, 2010

Second, Third, Fourth Thoughts...

Indecisive much???  The surgeon's office finally called to set up the refferal appointment for mid March.  Now I'm freaking out.  It feels so very final.  Being scared, and 2nd guessing everything I phoned Shady45 this morning to try to schedule our day of testing.  I just want someone else to look at my girly bits and confirm yes this is a must for success before I do it.  I don't know how fast we can get in for our consult day at Shady45, but I'm hoping it can happen in the next month.  Buckle up we are definitely in for one hell of ride this year!

In other news...  My little nut of a nephew Oliver (2 1/2 years old) is having his 3rd surgery on Tuesday.  What a trooper this kid is.  He has a form of brittle bone affecting the tibia.  He had surgery last spring to change out the rod in his leg and do another bone scrape, well anyway, the rod is too long and it's interferring on his knee cap.  Poor little man hasn't been able to straighten or really bend his knee in almost a year.  They (the Dr's) say it's only going to be a day surgery.  I'm not sure if JD and I are going to go to Sick.Kids to be with Oliver or if we are going to go to the house and play with Sam.  It really depends on how much support my SIL has at the Hospital. 

And one more surgery thrown in to the mix to make it a really interesting year.  My family is really, really into sports.  My oldest brother still plays hockey at 40.  He was playing with a bunch of guys from the office...(bankers who don't really know how to play)  One of guys was 2 feet in front of Blair and he took a slap shot.  Puck came up and smacked him right in the side of the face.  Needless to say his eye swelled shut and the whole side of his face swelled up 2 sizes larger.  Fast forward 1 week.  Swelling still hasn't really gone down and his shiner has only gotten blacker!  Sheri his girlfriend convinced him to go see a Dr.  Turns out he has fractured his orbital bone (eye socket) and cheek bone.  There of course are bone fragments floating around.  This is actually very serious because if he gets hit in the head again the bone fragments can very easily go to the brain!  Yikes!!!  So he his listed for critical reconstruction surgery with a plastic surgeon.  I don't know when he's scheduled yet, but I'm sure it is going to be soon! 

Ahhhh life really is never dull is it?! 

Well I hope all my blogger friends have a drama free weekend.  I'll be spending my weekend indulging in my new addiction a little longer!  The Oly.mpics are AWESOME!!!!  I'm so very proud of all of our athletes, but man the Cana.dian Women are just kicking some tush!!!   Tonight is Hockey Night in Canada!!!  Go Canada Go!!! 



babyrecipe said...

hope you can get another opinion from shady45 within the month - they usually move fast. I'm enjoying the Olympics too! nice to have something else to focus on and watch on tv - wish they were every year!

Mad Hatter said...

Excellent idea to get a second opinion.

Hope Oliver and Blair's surgeries both go well.

And yes - GO CANADA GO!!!!!