February 23, 2010

More Blood Tests

I think I gave up a pint of blood on Friday!  I finally went for my m/c panel.  I had been delaying it as I knew I had to pay for some of the tests and my debit card is not working.  (stupid chip cards)  It took an hour and a half, the lab was rammed.  And it cost me $400.00!  Yikes!  And I didn't even get 2 of the tests done.  They couldn't do the karyotyping as the RE didn't fill out the right form, and they couldn't find one of the protein tests she had ordered.  Another trip will be required.  Great!!!  I had my tsh and free t4 run while I was there.  Might as well check on my Hashi's. 

I am in the process of getting referred to a new Endo.  Mine won't see me again without a new referral and he takes almost 6 months to get into.  Forget that!  So I visited my GP on Thursday, asked him for a referral and got the requisition for my tsh.  Of course he wanted to know how everything was...  I almost asked him "Do you really want to know?"  I told him about the surgery that's coming up.  He reacted like I was destroying my body.  Honestly I don't think I was that nice to him.  I am quite bitter with my GP and OB/Gyn.  I fucking told them something was wrong 5 fucking years ago and no one listened.  Now we are so far gone only butt loads of money and cutting out pieces of my body can apparently help.  My tubes really should have been removed when I had surgery 2 years ago.  But my OB/Gyn was still thinking to himself ohhhh she's 27, looks really healthy, one partially open tube that balloons is fine...!  Ummm actually no it isn't!!! 

Y'know OH.IP (Ontario Health Care) is good but working the system so you get seen when you should is a nightmare.  It sounds like free health care, but I can assure you, we have spent a small fortune on all of our ttc.  None of the insurance companies have any type of coverage.  The bonus I guess is that I don't have to pay for my surgery to remove my tubes.  Woot!  Woot!  I still haven't heard from the surgeon so I have no idea when Operation Tube Removal is going to happen.  I hope sooner than later.  I started the antibiotics and I really have noticed some changes already.  Ohhh and can I Thank God for HRT.  Hot flashes have finally left!!!  Yahhh!!! 

That's my update for those who wonder.  I hope everyone else is well!  I may be quiet lately but I'm always checking in on everyone's progress.  Much Love!



Brenda said...

Yay for tube removal and no more hot flashes!! It feels nice to be "in control" again, doesn't it? :)

You know, back in 2002 (!!!) when docs were removing a cyst on one of my ovaries and cleaning out some endo that they happened to find when they opened me up, they talked about removing these REALLY, REALLY, LARGE FIBROIDS that they already knew that I had. I mean, at least one fibroid was almost the size of my uterus itself. And they didn't remove it, because they didn't want to affect my fertility....hahahahaha! When I went to the the RE, she said that there was no way on this earth I could carry a baby with fibroids that big! So, another surgery for me. Thanks OB/Gyn.

I hope that taking out the tubes helps. I think I had one balloon up and drain one time. I thought I was hemorrhaging....but perhaps I've said too much...

Mad Hatter said...

Ugh! How frustrating! Feel free to e-mail me if you want Dr. Lovely's info...I don't think you're too far away.

S.I.F. said...

Oh, don't you love the tests?!? I had to pee in a bucket for 24 hours this weekend. I was keeping my own piss in my refrigerator for petes sake!

And I can't stand the site of my first OBGYN. He ignored me for far too long, and if he hadn't, my damage wouldn't be nearly as extensive as it is now. I am just blessed to have an amazing doctor now.

Good luck to you!