March 5, 2010

Looking Good!

I got the m/c panel back, and everything fell into the normal range!  WooHoo!  Except my TSH.  Which I knew about that last week, so I had already had my meds changed.  My TSH was too low for ttc.  It was .5 which is in the 'normal' range but when trying to get pregnant you would like it at 1.  I have finished my anit-biotics and I feel much better.  Waaaaay less crampy!

JD is off getting his infectious disease testing done.  We still have to do the karyotyping.  We'll have to do that next week, maybe, depends on how much it's going to cost us...  Kind of feeling a little broke lately.  Its tax time...  duh duh ddduuhhhhh!

It's not horrible, but it's not awesome.  We thought we would get more money back than we are from our DE IVF cycle.  Apparently Rev.enue Can.ada will give you some money back if you spent more than 3% of your yearly income or $2011, but it's the lesser of the two.  In other words the max we will get back from spending $36,000 on just IVF DE is $1,000.  WoooofuckingHoooo!  Mother Trucker!

However, we can submit my acupunture receipts and our entire out of pocket expenses for prescriptions and testing.  Yahhh!!!  And we've just discovered our insurance will actually cover $500 per year of acupuncture.  Woot!  Woot!  Things are definitely ticking along.  Slow and steady.

I can't wait to get all of this moving though.  Less than 2 weeks for my appointment with the surgeon, and 19 days until my consult with Shady45.  Nothing I can do to speed this process up though.  So I'll work, work out, try to eat healthy, and get all the beauty sleep I need.  Not this weekend though!  This weekend we are at a Theme party.  Release your Wild Side!  That should be interesting! 

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Brenda said...

Yay for things moving along! I hope you have a great time this weekend :)