March 22, 2010


Get ready cause here we come!  We are leaving at an ungodly time tomorrow morning.  I'm not packed, I haven't finished filling out the paperwork, I still need to organize my medical file, etc...  In other words I have a lot to do before 4am tomorrow morning.  My office is crazy busy today, and I have a ton of things here I need to finish before I leave for the week.  Mental note next time we leave for a week, schedule more employees for my last shift.  Whatever!  It will all get done.  I'm excited so I have tons of anxious energy to burn. 

I know I'm not going to learn anything really new down there, but I'm still looking forward to seeing the clinic, meeting the Dr's, and just getting away for a few days.  We've started getting our finances together for the cycle.  So hopefully we can find and pick a donor soon, then just wait for the surgery.  I would love to be able to cycle in May (not going to happen) but maybe June.  We just have to wait and see.

My fingers are crossed they accept us into their program!


MAJ Bryen said...

Good luck! If you can, take your HSG films showing the blockage and ask for their opinion. I think you'll like them and DC

Anonymous said...

YAY! Hope you get it all done! Say hello to my little ones! I might be tranfering on Wednesday, but hoping for Friday so we don't have to be there until Thursday. Go see the cherry blooms in the city if you get a chance.

Brenda said...

Yay! Good luck! :)