March 11, 2010

I'm SO Busy!!!

This week I have kept myself very busy.  We have weeks were we work 7 days straight then have 1 day off and so on...  We are just coming off of a 7 day stretch.  Monday morning my nephew Oliver ('the nut') told Nana that "KS and JD no see my hurt leg!"  Break my heart!  So JD and I promptly took our lunch break on Tuesday with the twins.  Sam and Ollie lit up when we drove up!  Oliver is recovering slowley from his surgery.  The incision is bigger than I would have anticipated, and he still isn't walking on it.  But that will change.  We also made a play date for Saturday, as JD and I have this weekend off.

I've decided there is nothing like throwing yourself into some projects to forget about all my upcoming appointments.  Tuesday I decided I would repaint my store.  It hasn't been done in 6 years, and the colour is horrible.  Well Wednesday was my day off and I spent the entire day repainting the trim in the office.  It was grey and is now snow white like it should have been!  Or course it needed two coats, so it took up my whole day.

Today I am working this morning, then mudding the areas that need it.  Tomorrow I will work in the morning, then change and start priming the office.  Oh and did I fail to mention I have been working out for at least 1 hour a day, and tonight is spin class!  Phew!!!  I'm soooo busy!!!  LOL!

You see not time to focus on my tubes coming out or our big day in Washington. 

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Anonymous said...

what color on the walls? I love to paint and find it distracting in a theuraputic way. Hope you do too! Keeping busy makes the time fly!