March 17, 2010


Deciding to throw myself into projects has proven to be exhausting!  The painting continues...  My store walls are 12 feet by 25 feet, not including the hallway and the bathroom.  It was all an awful stromy grey, so we have primed all the walls and done the first coat on the top half of the walls.  We are doing a blue on the bottom and a linen white on the top.   The bathroom is just white though.  I have already repainted the trim (2 coats) and it is really starting to look fantastic! 

JD and I have today off and we are not painting.  I painted all day yesterday so I think I need a break.  I have a mani / pedi booked.  We are then going to meet my SIL and BIL at the movies for a matinee.  And tonight I am going to Mississauga to meet up with my cousin visiting from Alberta.  A busy day off!  And of course I will have my work out before the day really begins.  I've been pretty good about getting at least 20 - 30 minutes a day on the eliptical.  Most days I also do a 1/2 an hour of pilates.  I haven't touched the scale and have no intentions of checking my weight, but I feel better and that's all that matters.

Tomorrow is my appointment with the surgeon to see if he is going to remove my tubes.  I really hope he is on board.  The cramping and pain is coming back 1 week after the anti biotics.  Unfortunately I am very used to Ontario's Health Care and I bet if he is going to do the surgery I will probably still have to wait another couple of months.  That sucks! 

Oh Well!  Time for my Decaf Tim's. 


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