February 2, 2010


Not Pregnant!  I had my blood test today.  I knew it a week ago.  I'm okay.  I have already shed a ton of tears over this cycle.  The thing that gets to me the most is that JD still had hope.  Lucky me...  I get to break my husband's heart again.


Brenda said...

Nooooooo! I am so very sorry. I was really pulling for you. I thought that perhaps by not posting too much this 2ww you were thinking that things were going well and didn't want to jinks it. I am so, so sorry.

Tiffany said...

Oh sweetie I am so sorry. So so very sorry. Also so sorry they you have to tell your DH.

Please please if I can give you any advice. Take a day together, go out of town and just enjoy eachother. Last November when we got a BFN on #2, we left the next day and took the ferry to San Francisco and sat at this little pub and drank beer, laughed, and enjoyed eachother. While it was a sad day, it was a memorable day and a day for us to re-group and just appreciate eachother. This November we brought our little miracles back to this pub and had another beer, and this time it was to celebrate how far we came. Sounds dumb, but really it helped. I am so very sorry, and I hope that next year you are looking back at this time while you snuggle your little one(s). Huge giant hugs to you.

Hope C said...

I'm so sorry. Take care of yourself and JD and know I'm praying for you both.

Anonymous said...

I am so sorry to hear this sad news. I have been checking your blog out since this weekend i found it. I have you in my thoughs and prayers.. God has babies for us. I am following your blog. I wish i could give you a big hug.. I have been going through infertility also since Oct 2008. I have cried alot over alot and seeing prego mom's walking around, it's very hard to deal with and all the emotions we have to go through, it's a major struggle.. but in the end we will have a child as it may be biological or adoption. My husband and I have almost got our home study completed because of the news we got after all the testing and labs, and surgies. I have a adoption blog and a TTC blog i just created. My TTC blog is :
my adoption blog we had for a while is :

I wish you and JD and pups the best of luck and keep your chin up ..

Love your blog and pups !
fingers are crossed for you !

Mad Hatter said...

Oh, I'm so very sorry. I was so hopeful for you guys. Although JD will be heartbroken, it's not you that's breaking it, honey - these are really awful circumstances beyond your control. Please don't be so hard on yourself - I'm sure he wouldn't want you to be.

Anonymous said...

Noooo! I'm so sorry.

MAJ Bryen said...

I'm terribly sorry to hear this...big hugs to you and JD