February 4, 2010

Fast Forward

I wish I could do just that...  Skip all the Dr's, transfers, 2ww, all the stress and just get to the part where we get to be joyous in our success.  But unfortunately that is not real life.  We are doing okay.  We both knew it was a long shot and with the - hpt 5 days before we had already done the majority of the grieving. 

Surprise me though that JD was right on board with us not taking a break and jumping right into a new clinic!  I thought for sure he would push for an extended break from all of this.  We will actually be having a break while we get everything rolling as it can take anywhere from 3 - 6 months to get a new fresh cycle going, especially since I am a 'new' patient at this clinic. 

Anyway, we had our phone consult with the International Liaison from SG yesterday morning.  It was 45 minutes and very informative.  I really was happy that JD was home and able to be included in the phone call.  Of course he chickened out of asking a few questions...  I guess I'll cover those later.  I have arranged the phone consult with Dr. S for this coming Monday.  And hopefully we can arrange our day at the clinic for end of Feb beginning of March.  I do have a follow up appointment with my local RE next week as well.  Just to go over the failures and request some further testing.  I think we've got it all covered...  There's only one thing left hanging in the wind, and it's a biggy...

Finances!!!  Yikes!!!  Well Fertility Financing is unavailable to us as we are out of country patients.  And we don't have buckets of money saved just in case we were infertile.  JD and I are going to have to do some major juggling.  But who cares right?!?!  I mean if you get to have a child it will feel pretty darn priceless...  So who cares if you're going to have to live in the same house for 10 more years?  I didn't dream about living in a gigantic house when I was a child, I dreamed of being a mom with a wonderful husband as a father.  And we are 3/4's of the way there.  We've got the house, the husband, now we just need to baby!  One day, and with God's grace maybe one day soon!

Thank you to all of my blogger friends for your support and advice.  It really does mean the world to JD and me.  He reads my blog and the comments.  Without the knowledge that there is a community of us all walking the same path and some that have crossed that river, I don' think I would be able to find the strength to keep going.  So thank you!


Tiffany said...

You are so VERY welcome. I am glad you are jumping back in, that is what we did and we had great luck. We felt the same way about finances, who cares right? A baby is priceless. Just check around, we used a large Univeristy Hospital for IVF, and since that hospital was part of our insurance network we got discounted prices on everything. It's worth a shot! Take care hun.

Anonymous said...

I'm having good luck with SG and they offer a lot of options. I hear you on the financing - even with it we are stretching way out there and we are in the US. Bummer they won't work with you. It has moved quick with us. I am thinking from our first appt to transfer it's going to be about 4 to 5 months.

MAJ Bryen said...

Whatever you do when you pick your donor, pick a repeat donor!!! Also when you go to SG, bring or send ahead copies of all your labs, hsg reports, etc... it will make everything go so much faster. They will also accept email scans of all your labs and reports.