February 9, 2010

Consult #1 Done

I had the phone consult yesterday with Shady.45...  (JD insists I call them that???  Something to do with Em.inem)  Anyway the consult was with one of the 24 RE's.  I don't know if he will be our Dr. or not.  I think he will be.  I really didn't have a lot of questions as this is a journey I am all too familiar with.  I gave him a quick bio on me and my health.  He was quite taken back that we haven't even had a chemical pregnancy.  He agrees that there might be something else at play hence the failure to implant.  Dr. SaveMe agrees that a miscarriage panel is probably a very good idea; especially considering I have Hashi the likely hood of another immune disease hiding is quite good.  But...from what I was able to inform him about my HSG (Oct 2007) and my laparoscopic surgery (Dec 2007) he believes it could be hydrosplinx.  Which to my understanding is an infection that hides in the fallopian tubes, closes them up, creates clubbing, etc...  And it leads to failure to implant and a common reason for multiple m/c's.  From what I could goo.gle, I believe it can be taken care of with a long strong dose of antibiotics.  

It's not hard to diagnose, but it is difficult to find if you aren't in the habit of looking for it.  So it could very well have been missed.  Dr. SaveMe has asked that I have a 2nd HSG done.  It can take up to 6 months to get an appointment for this here, so I think I will arrange to have his office do it on our day there.  Now we wait for the patient liaison to contact us again and arrange our day of testing, mock transfer, HSG, and in person consult.

I'm not excited, I'm nervous.  What if they don't accept us into the program?  What if we can't figure out the financing?  Then what the fuck do we do!!!  Arrrggghhh!  There's just way too much stress for my  throbbing head to process today.

I have a 'what the fuck' appointment with my RE on Thursday.  She really had nothing to do with either of my cycles.  But I have to see her to try to get the miscarriage panel run here in Ontario where OHIP will cover the cost.  And I need to get 4-6 months worth of birth control pills, or hrt.  I can't handle these hot flashes and ridiculous headaches.  It's like the perimenopause comes back full throttle the second I'm off the estrogen and progesterone.  Sucks!

Enough about all that.  JD and I are back on our health kick.  We are gearing up our spin classes again, and hitting the elliptical.  No more crappy comfort food.  If we want fast, we can grab a light sub here and there.  We've got to do something to keep our minds of everything while we attempt to get the ball rolling with this new clinic.  Neither one of us is happy with our bodies right now.  Shit luck for me though, as JD can and will drop the weight no problem, but me, not so much.  Last summer I had to work my ass off to shed 10 pounds.  Now I need to shed at least 20+.  Yikes!!!  I think I need to go on Surv.ivor!  LOL!  Oh well!  I'm off to eat my tiny cup of stew!

Much Love to All! 


Anonymous said...

If you indeed have a hydrosplinx, I would love to tell you all about them and show you a picture of mine before it was removed. It is the single reason my IVF treatments failed for three years. It was finally discovered in Oct., removed in November and I learned last week I am finally PG! Warn pls don't tx w/antibiotics and steroids. Have it removed! It is a more common problem than you think. I am at nwislandlife@verizon.net

musicmakermomma said...

Wow - sounds like things are moving ahead at a furious pace at the new clinic. Hope the coordinator gets you in soon. Wouldn't it be great to find out you have some explainable and removable THING causing all this??!! I really hope they are able to get answers (and pg!) Good luck!