December 7, 2009


That's me!  This is why I haven't posted in awhile.  I've had a lot on my mind this past week.  There are some work stressors that I won't go into detail about here.  But it has had me up at night.  Everything always happens at once.  It's Murphy's Law!  JD and I are trying to figure out what our best back up plan is with ttc, and now we have work stress and business decisions to make as well.  I am not the right person to ask about making good decisions.  I feel like every decision I've made in the last year has been the wrong one!

Enough about that!

Today I have a phone consult with a different clinic about doing a "Shared Risk Guarantee" program.  We would still have to travel if we went with this clinic.  It's about a 10 hour drive.  So not horrible, but would still involve hotels, meals out, and a dog sitter.  We are very undecided about where to cycle next.  We still haven't gotten the referal appointment to the clinic in Toronto we want to go to.  We are on week 3 of our wait for that.  Referals can take up to 6 weeks just to get a phone call to book your consult appointment.  I know!  Ridiculous!  Especially considering it is all out of pocket.  I find it very funny that we get such a different response anytime we contact a U.S. clinic.  It's always sure when would you like to come in!  They would love our business!  But the canadian clinics, it's kind of like fuck off we'll get to you when we can!  And god forbid you question them about the protocols, or ask for an American drug, by mistake not knowing they call it something different here!  Well that's blasphamy!

I'm really torn with this decision.  It actually kept me up at night.  They both cost the same, but the shared risk is a 1:3 split on the donor and you get 6 tries and any fet's that result.  If at the end you still have not had a baby you get all your money back.  Kind of sounds like a no brainer right?  Well it's not!  What about if you want a 2nd child?  You have to start all over again.  Because it is a 1:3 split on the donor each time the chance of frozen embryos is slim to none.  So it's another $30,000 to try to have a 2nd child.  Were as if we do a full fresh here, we get all the embryos and hopefully have enough left over for some FET's.  The stats are the same at both clinics.

Bonus is we don't need to really make a decision on this until mid January.  I think we are going to try to have both consults and try to get a feeling as to where we should be.  Heck who knows maybe we won't need to make this decision for another year!!!  Fingers crossed!  Sorry nope!  We won't need to make this decision for at least another year, I'm just getting all the info now to save time later!  :)


MAJ Bryen said...

I did the 1:3 program you mentioned and have been thrilled to know I have a safety net. Yes, it is a lot of $ and hopefully it will work but it is such a relief. I paid $10,000 for IVF with my own eggs plus another $2,000 for meds and I feel I could have just opened a car window and thrown it away because that's how it felt when it didn't work. I am hoping to get at least a couple of frosties from my cycles but who knows. BTW, only pick REPEAT donors in the 1:3 (save yourself some heartache). If you ask your nurse once you are in the donor choosing stage, they will tell you how many pregnancies/live birth the repeat donors have. It is helpful if you have to narrow it down. Best wishes!

Anonymous said...

I think we are going to the same place! I go this Friday to meet all the people in the process and have my mock transfer. Hopefully we then get to see that database! I can't wait to get started. I'm so excited for you! yay!!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your comment on my blog. I appreciate your support. Here's how I feel about TO clinics vs US (shared risk) experience. I found the TO clinics totally pissy about every little thing and I also felt like MAJ that we threw our money away. The reason I'm not more upset about my miscarriage now is that I have 3 more fresh cycles lined up with my US clinic (pre-paid) and all the FETs that go with those cycles. Also, they don't abandon you; they do hold your hand all the way through. I personally would not want to deal with all the aspects of DE in TO: lawyers, donor arrangements, etc. In the US, they do all that for you and you just sail in and sail out. The only thing I would recommend is using a TO clinic for your pre- and post-monitoring. I didn't do that cuz I was angry with my TO clinic, but it made the monitoring very onerous as no other lab in the city is set up to give same-day results. Hope that helps.