December 31, 2009

Happy New Year!

Goodbye 2009!  Hello 2010!  I would love to do a 2009 review, but it's just too depressing.  Let's just say we had 12 months of failures, cancellations, money lost, drama, drama, and more drama....  We started off still some what hopeful in 2009 of concieving a child with my own eggs...  I had only had 1 high fsh test (14).  Then the year started rolling downhill very fast.  February shattered any hopes I might have had.  May brought another birthday and our last failed attempt with my own eggs.  Since then we've been on a roller coaster ride with our first DE IVF cycle.  We were cancelled 3x, ended up vitrifying the eggs.  Finally reached a transfer in November to fail again...  We have never spent so much money in 1 year in our lives.  Even when we bought our house!!! 

What's the plan for 2010...  Well... 

Plan A - FET from our first DE IVF  (January or February)
Plan B - Consult at CreAte in Toronto
Plan C - Consult at SG in Washington

Come hell or high water we will get pregnant in 2010.   Stamped it, called it, no erasies!!!  Do you hear me GOD!!!  This year is my YEAR!!!  It's my turn to see a positive...  Tonight I'm going to eat, drink, and be merry, because shortly I won't be able to drink for a very long time!!!  Happy New Year fellow bloggers!  Much love to you all!  And may we all have a positive 2010!!!



babyrecipe said...

happy new year! I hope this is your year too to see that positive! That is my wish too! I kind of think of it as my "demand" - wish is a bit soft at this stage ;~) Katie

Deb Davies said...

Dear KS and JD,
Your posting this morning arrived to my inbox via google alerts.
Please contact me anytime at CReATe( I will be happy to do anything I can to help you have your baby. CReATe clients have individual plans of compassionate care. We are very aware of the high levels of stress and frustration couples endure when trying to have a baby. It is our mission to provide the best care possible. We are a fully accredited clinic with Accreditaion Canada. Please contact me if you wish to see one of our excellent physicians for a consultation.I wish you every success and a very Happy New Year.

MAJ Bryen said...

You know, last year I changed my password on an official account to ISPregnant2009. It seems to have worked. in a world where we have no control, a little magical thinking never hurts (LOL). Hoping for a great year for you