December 18, 2009

Cute or What?!

Seriously!  Is he not the cutest dang thing in the world?  He loves his Suk Suk!  And we love him that's for sure!

No, we are not trying to make our dogs into children.  We actually discovered that by giving them suk suk's when they were puppies they wouldn't chew on the back of our shoes, belts, phone cords, etc... We didn't really think out the whole Suk Suk thing when we started it oh so many years ago.  It dawned on us when our niece was 2 1/2 and still liked her pacifier.  That we might have a problem with Tonka trying to steal it from her.  Turns out Taylor liked sharing her Suk Suk with the honky Tonky man!  Tee hee!  I know kinda gross.  I kept washing her suk suk's all weekend, but she didn't care and neither did he, they just kept popping them out of each others mouths, back and forth.  It was pretty cute!

This past week Reader's Digest announced they are running a competition for Cutest Pet.  JD called me after he had submitted Tonka's picture for the contest.  He didn't even look at the prizes, he just flew off the e-mail and picture and called me laughing.  Later that night we went on line to find out when the winners are announced and what the prizes are.  Jan 15 the top 5 finalists will be e-mailed.  And for the top photo, what do you get????  1 years worth of dog food!  GREAT!  This little guy maybe eats 3 bags of food a year, oh and those are small bags.  Oh well!

So what do you all think, will Tonka be in the running?

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