December 16, 2009

TLC??? Really?!?!?!

Do we really need a show called 'I'm Prison!'  TLC do you need an educational lesson?  1 in 6 couples suffer from infertility.  Do you understand that most of those couples are educated, working, average joe people, who tend to watch your programming.  I didn't say anything while you were continually running the show 'I Didn't Know I was Pregnant!'  C'mon TLC stop kicking your viewers when they are already down.

Tonight's first show of 'I'm Pregnant ...'  is a woman in prison preparing for the birth of her child.  The second show tonight is a woman who is addicted to meth preparing for her baby.  AWESOME!  Okay I haven't had a regular coffee in 2 years because of my infertility.  We've spent thousands of dollars on vitamins, organic food, and acupuncture.  I have had alcohol 3 times in the last year.  I constantly blame myself for my failures trying to conceive; what did I eat wrong, did I forget a medication, is my tsh off, I shouldn't have had that wine 3 weeks before!  And here TLC is sensationalizing these women who fill themselves with chemicals, barely eat, are morally corrupt; experiencing the joy of child birth!  And yes they are morally corrupt, you don't end up in jail for doing charity work! 

I love you TLC, but you really need to review your programming choices.  Dwarf Adoption, Intervention, Say Yes to the Dress - great, Pregnant in Prison - No Good!  Just my 2 cents...take it for what it's worth!


Anonymous said...

Yes! I saw the 'I'm pregnant and have an eating disorder,' last night. She was on her third kid and was trying to eat and stop her compulsive exercising. She would wake up and walk miles at an extremely fast pace with the arm swinging and all after only eating a tiny bowl of cereal. Guess what? She had a 7 1/2 lb. baby. So, I'm off to drink my coffee, eat some Christmas cookies and possibly have a glass of wine. The show made me realize that we need to stop torturing ourselves with all the restrictions. We are doing everything possible with our donors and just need to go back to enjoying the simple things in life. Why do we punish ourselves? Best wishes for a fabulous New Year! It will happen in 2010!


MAJ Bryen said...

oh my god, that's just crazy ridiculous!!! You never see she show called ,"I'm infertile, it sucks." Makes me want a double martini.

babyrecipe said...

I think they are going for shock effect and it is SO WRONG! I refuse to watch it. Sick and wrong and what message does it send "do something really stupid and you'll get on tv". argh. But you now what? You will be a way more awesome mom than any of them and that is what will matter in the end.

Mad Hatter said...

I hope you e-mail your post to them! Idiots!!!!