November 8, 2009


We are back!  We had a wonderful trip.  We did a lot of exploring, eating, relaxing...  Oh yah!  And I got knocked up!  Teehee!  We started out with 13 vitrified eggs.  9 fertilized.  By Day 3 we had 4 perfect 8 cell embies.  We froze 2 and tranferred 2.  Now we wait... 

I'm so ridiculously nervous!  I thought I would feel a little bit more positive after the transfer.  But man this whole journey has kicked the shit out of me.  I'm so afraid of getting positive in case it is a negative.  I know wrong thinking.  And I do keep reminding myself that today I am pregnant.  Funny thing is I look pregnant.  These PIO injections are a killer.  I got really bloated on the day of the transfer and it hasn't stopped yet.  I'll post some pics and go into more detail about out trip tomorrow.  I have to spread out my stuff since I'm off work for another 6 days! 


Mad Hatter said...

Woo-hoo! Yay for your lovely embies! Wishing them much stickiness! Stay positive and get lots of rest!

Brenda said...

Woo Hoo!!! Hoping with all my might that those little ones stay where they are put! PUPO indeed!!