October 31, 2009

2 More Sleeps!!!

We've been running around like chickens with our heads cut off since we found out we are leaving...  It's been a whirlwind!  The main problem is that I over extended us this week, trying to keep our minds busy while we waited to find out how this cycle would proceed.  Now it's come back and bit me in the butt!  We were going until 11pm last night putting the finishing touches on the Halloween decorations, jack o lanterns, laundry, and getting dinner ready for everyone tonight.  It's mayhem!  But good mayhem, y'know!?

I am really looking forward to having Sam and Ollie coming up for Trick or Treating.  I will take lots of pictures cause I'm sure they are going to be cute!!!  For dinner tonight with everyone, JD and I are making pita pizzas.  Sounds easy right?  Maybe...  I had to prep everything last night.  Everyone in our family likes totally different things on their pizza.  Hence the personal pizzas!  I cooked some chicken for the boys, cut up onions, red peppers and ham, bought sun dried tomatoes, feta cheese and olives...and of course fresh parm, and mozzarella!  Yummy!  I just really hope the weather holds out tonight so all the little ones can have a great night out!


I am terribly nervous about everything that's coming at us this week.  I'm having nightmares that the eggs won't thaw, or fertilize, and that we'll be left with nothing to show for our $25,000 but a great vacation!  I swear I am my own worst enemy at times.  I should be thinking positive, but it's so hard when you're trying to sleep not to allow these fears to creep into the back of your mind and haunt you.  I do thank God though that we have at least succeeded in building a decent lining.  That in itself feels like a miracle to me.  I have to keep reminding our friends to slow down and not get too excited yet, there is still so much left to this journey.  And there are no guarantees.  There have been many, many couples that have done DE a few times with no success. 

But from this post on I'm going to think positive thoughts to myself, relax, and let what happens happen.  If it doesn't work out, sure I'll be heartbroken but JD and I will pick ourselves up and figure out what might be next for us.  We do have 3 lovely fur-babies that I never take for granted.  Sure it's not the same, but I love them as if they were people.  They are my people!  Maddie, Tonka, and Lexxie always managed to make JD and I smile no matter how depressed we might be!  Well to anyone who reads my blog; pray for us please on Nov.6!!!  From your lips to God's ears he hears us all and blesses us with a miracle of our own.  Best Wishes fellow bloggers I have you all in my prayers!

Next time I write I plan on being PREGNANT UNTIL PROVEN OTHERWISE!!!


Anonymous said...

I love you!
Love JD!

Mad Hatter said...

It couldn't happen to a nicer couple! You will both be in my thoughts and prayers on November 6th. Have a very productive vacation!!! ;-)