October 26, 2009

Weekend Update and Drama Queens!

OMG! I swear I babysit a bunch pansies! To save you the long explanation. I have 2 employees that are apparently not getting along. 1 is off today, and the other one just won't stop talking about an 'incident' that happened on Friday. Even calling it an incident is a stretch! I've now heard about it for the last 5 hours! Enough already! Said employee has gone as far as to say that if this keeps up he will be looking for a different job. I say by all means!!! I mean c'mon, grow up, you are a grown man for crying out loud! You don't have to love each other; you only work with each other 3 shifts in 1 week, so suck it up and move on. It's such a childish issue that it doesn't even deserve a sit down chat by me, in all honesty!!! And since he is the one creating the unnecessary drama in the office, if he wants to leave, fine by me!


Onto my working weekend! We didn't initially plan on this being a 'work' weekend for us. It started out last Sunday, when we decided to change our dimmer switch in our family room. We've blown 2 dimmer switches in the last 6 months. We changed the switch and the light still didn't work. Must be the light! Well shoot; we have 2 other lights on the main level that match that 1 light. So we ended buying 4 new light fixtures in total. Save that for this weekend... I had told JD that I really wanted to paint the ceiling in the guest bath. There was some patch work done in there 5 years ago and it looked terrible. Well painting/patching up the ceiling turned into a full revamp of that bathroom! Primer, painted walls, ceiling, new towel bar, new tp bar, new blinds, and new accents! We worked both nights Sat. and Sun until 10pm. We even cleaned the basement and went through all of our closets and took 3 garbage bags to the Goodwill! It was a very productive weekend. And the bathroom looks fabulous! Crisp and clean!

My parents are coming down today for a quick stop over visit on their way to my brother's house. Tonight we will be pulling out the old bathroom exhaust and putting in the new one. Thankfully I have a ton of paint left over for touch ups! Phew! On top of the busy weekend we've just come off of, I have a really busy week this week. My parents tonight, JD's sister and brother in law tomorrow for a Pumpkin Carving Party, Thursday I have my cycle check, Friday I have to bake a cake for 60 people, Saturday I work and then have everyone up to my house for Halloween, and Sunday is my mother in laws 60 Birthday Bash! OMG! It really is going to be busy...I didn't realize how bad it was until I wrote it all out! I guess wait and see if I make it out of this week unscathed!!!

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