October 22, 2009

No Sex when you TTC??? What???

Yes that's right I'm talking about NOOKIE!!!  Or sorry I'll be chatting about the lack of it...  How in the world are you supposed to feel like gettin jiggy withit when you're constantly putting pills in your lady parts?  I mean really!?  The TTC journey really does change your relationships in more ways then you can imagine!

At first your really excited to try to have a baby and are going at it like jack rabbits.  3 months passes, and you start charting.  Now your trying to hit the right days and laughing that your laying with your feet in the air after.  6 more months passes.  Then starts the Dr's appointments.  And they never end!!!   Enter evil Clomid, then Femera, IUI's, and IVF's.  There no longer is Baby Making Sex, now it's just if your bits aren't sore babe, d'ya wanna?  I'm actually looking forward to this journey being over one way or another, because then hopefully I can have my sex life back! 

I hope no one reading this is taken back by my honesty about this subject.  I just think it is rather funny that we venture into this thinking.  Lots of sex = baby.  When for some...  No Sex (just might) = baby!

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