October 20, 2009

These Boot are made for Walking...

Well not the boots I'm wearing now....  In preparation of this cycle JD and I have been walking every night.  We do anywhere from 2.5 km to 5 km's.  We do the smaller distance if we take the dogs.  They are just too little to do the big walk.  Last night we did the 5 km route, and we did it in 42 minutes.  Yes that's right in 42 minutes.  Not too bad if I do say so myself!  Apparently walking or jogging helps get the blood flowing in the uterus...and I'm doing everything in my power to get a nice fluffy triple striped lining!  I wish I had an u/s machine at the house and could check to see how my lining is progressing, but no such luck.  I will just have to wait until the 29th.

Work is busy which is good because it is keeping my mind busy.  I'm not sleeping awesome.  Apparently you can't fake zen when it comes to sleeping.  My inner self isn't as calm as the outer self is during the day.  Not much I can do about that though.  I'm just going to keep working, cooking fantastic meals, and walking until sleep isn't an option, it's necessary!!!  LOL! 

One of the other things I've started doing to alleviate some stress is cooking...  New things...  I told you all about the Squash Soup experiment.  Well that's just one of the new dishes I've attempted, and it's the only one I didn't like.  I've now made Tomatoe Curry Soup, Chicken Parm Soup, Honey Mustard Chicken, Sloppy Cubanos, Cold Chicken Satay, and of course Chicken Chilli.  Last nights was the Chicken Parm Soup.  It was definitely a winner.  The whole house smelled like an Italian Eatery.  It was yummy and super simple.  I really do love my new Rachel Ray Cook Book!

That's all my updates for today!
9 more days until a cycle update!  Whatever will I do with myself until then!

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Mad Hatter said...

It all sounds great! (and delicious!) Keep up the excellent work! Wishing you sweet dreams and a good night's sleep tonight!