October 17, 2009

Away we go....

I started the estrace on Friday.   One ultra sound down!  Only about 8 more stages of this cycle to get through though.  I am taking the estrace a little differently than the last couple of cycles.  To borrow a phrase from Murgdan everything is going into 'my pill box!'  These pills are not being taken orally if you get me!   Nudge, nudge, wink, wink...   So far so good.  No really bad headaches, which I've had every other time I've taken estrace.  I was ridiculously bloated and crampy yesterday, but my heating pad and my old girl Maddie laying on my tummy made it all better!  Do I ever love my dogs.   Whenever I'm feeling blue, all 3 will curl up with me and kiss me.


I lit my candles on Thursday evening at 7:00 in memory of all the babies that have been lost.  JD's mom had a baby 'born sleeping'.  So we lit one candle for JD's sister.  I can't even try to imagine the pain of losing  a child.  Whether it be from a miscarriage, stillborn, disease...  It's just not right.    My heart and thoughts are with all parents that have had to experience this.


I had been bugging JD for about 2 years now to hire a cleaning lady.   Firstly the harsh cleaning chemicals give me a migraine.  Secondly with the hours that we work, when we finally have a day or weekend off of work I do not want to spend 8 hours cleaning the house.  When JD got home yesterday we were outside chatting, when we saw our neighbours front door open.  A woman walks out carrying her bucket, vacuum cleaner, and cleaning supplies.  JD and I look at each other, and break into a smile....  He says to me should I go talk to her.  I said it's your choice.  He toddles on over and sure enough we've just hired a cleaning lady!  Woot!  Woot!  I'm so happy!  It's not that I can't clean it's that I already clean our office, then the house.  And like I said we only have 2 weekends off a month, and with my family all living a couple of hours away,  I would much rather spend my weekends travelling to see them instead of washing floors.  We are going to have her come in every other week.  I'm really happy with this decision because I am so not looking forward to going home after work today and washing the floors which is exactly what I have planned to do!  What fun on a Saturday night!!!  Oh well at least I'll be hanging out with my favorite peeps!  JD, Maddie, Tonka and Lexxie

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Mad Hatter said...

Yay for starting Estrace, for puppy dogs, and for cleaning ladies! And so nice of you to remember babies that have been lost...you clearly have a big heart!