October 12, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!

I hope all my fellow Canadians had a great long weekend.  Enjoyed time with family and friends, and maybe ate a little turkey and some pumpkin pie!  JD's family and I will be celebrating our Thanksgiving tonight, after he and I are done work.  Yes that's right I said work!  We never close!!!  Trust me we do not want to be open on a statutory holiday, but it is a corporate mandate!  So here we are!

Anyway, we have dinner at his parents house tonight.  I thought I should bring something to dinner, and I've been making a lot of soups lately.  I thought why not try this recipe I have for Champagne Squash Soup!?  The reason I've been making a lot of soups is I don't like vegetables, and I'm trying really hard to eat more in my diet...  I seem not to have a problem with a lot of vegetables when they are puree'd in a soup.  So I thought great!!!  I can finally try squash.  Well let me tell you!  I HATE SQUASH!!!  It smells awful and tastes just as bad.  JD assures me the soup is good, I don't believe him, but I will take it to dinner tonight.  But I'm taking myself a small bowl of Tomatoe Curry Soup instead of the sqaush, because if I eat that again I might puke! 

We went out to the movies on Saturday to see A Cou.ples Ret.reat.  It was really funny!   I just wish I had know in advance that there was Infertility talk in it.  It wouldn't have stopped me from seeing it, but I would have been a little bit more mentally prepared.  Especially as it hits a very serious note with Infertile couples and how battling IF can destroy marriages.    I just really wanted one night out without being reminded I'm infertile.  So it kind of put a damper on my mood for the night, as I easily get lost in my own head.  Oh well!

Still nothing new to report on this cycle.  I stopped the prometrium last night.  Things might finally get rolling sometime this week, but I'm definitely not holding my breath. 

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!  Make sure today you tell those around you that you love them and are thankful they are in your lives.  Life is too short not to tell family and friends how much they mean to you.  Be thankful for the things you have and hopeful for those that you dream of!

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