October 11, 2009

STOP!!! Or rather...

I haven't been cancelled but we aren't really moving forward yet either. My clinic has decided to induce an AF, and then start the estrace and hopefully get going on this cycle. I'm disappointed and frustrated, but there is really nothing else that I can do to try to get my body to co-operate. Trust me I've tried it all. Thousands of needles at acupuncture, gallons of wheat grass, lots of excercise, vitamins, only good foods, etc, etc... You name it we've done it.

It's funny I'm stubborn by nature, and I guess my body is too!  Oh well!


One of my girlfriends put together a 5km walk to support Leukemia and Lymphoma.  It was called Light the Night.  It was great!  We walked all through the downtown core of Toronto.  There were 4 Hospitals on the route, 1 being Sick Kids.  Sick Kids was near the end of the walk, and they had arranged to have the children who were too sick to leave the hospital all on the top 2 floors with flash lights, flickering as we walked by.  They stalled about 1000 of us in front of sick kids and we all lit up our balloons and flash lights and flashed and cheered for the kids!  It was beyond amazing.  In all there were 5 different groups stalled in front of sick kids.  It was great!  I really hope it lifted those kids up, to see all those people cheering them on. 

It was difficult to not get choked up when you looked up and saw all these flashlights flickering in the windows.  Knowing there is that many children fighting to stay alive.  And it was wonderful to be a part of something good.  $620,000 was raised in the walk.  And hope that one day we will be a little closer to a cure.

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Mad Hatter said...

Sorry to hear about the yielding and starting AF, but hope it does the trick!!