October 3, 2009

The Art of Fashion!

That's where I'm headed to tonight. My SIL and I are going into Toronto's Distillery District tonight for the Art of Fashion - Fashion Show and Sample Sale. Wow! Should I rename this entry the Art of Shopping! LOL! Because anyone who knows me knows I'm all over the sample sale... What does Betty Rubble and Wilma Flinstone say????? CHARGE IT!!!! That will be me tonight!

Okay, okay, realx JD! I probably won't buy anything. Everything there will probably be for the super skinny, nothing there to fit this chubby bunny! Unless they are selling purses and gloves! Hah! Hah!


Still waiting for AF to arrive. Still nothing! Unbelievable! I'm on Day 34 now. My donor co-ordinator e-mailed me this morning that even if my period doesn't start this weekend I am to go in for u/s and b/w baseline on Monday. So I think we are still going to push forward even if AF is missing. And no there is NO CHANCE that we could be pregnant on our own. Not with my mangled tubes. So we wait and see what instructions we get Monday afternoon!

I was a little worried about starting a cycle with out shedding my old lining, but I asked my support group on Network 54 if anyone else had done this. 2 woman had and both were successful on that cycle. So you reallt never do know do you!

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