October 4, 2009

AOF - Art of Fashion

Art of Fashion was great last night. It had everything going on there. The sample sale, fashion show, and a designer contest. The contest was for the designer to try to capture the female iconic spirit. That was interesting. All the patrons were to vote on who they think captured the spirit the best! Four of us were there together and I think all 4 of us voted for a different designer.

I voted for the collection called 'Eco-Avenger of the Urban Garden'. All of the material was made out of recycled clothing. I loved all of the outfits. 3 of the things shown were things I would wear if I was 20 pounds smaller! And I really liked the way it mixed a woman's career with her thought on being / living green. To me that is what most 20th century woman are about!

I didn't get home until about 1am lastnight, so I'm a little tired today. And I think I might be getting a cold. I've had a raging headache for about 3 days and now my nose is stuffed and I'm sneezing non stop. I really hope that this will pass quick as I go for baseline u/s and b/w tomorrow. My fingers are crossed that we are finally going to start DE IVF #1 - part 3! I guess we'll find out in less than 24 hours!

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