September 3, 2009

No Instructions! Yet..?

I still haven't received any results from the biopsy or any further instructions for a next cycle. I don't think we'll be going this month, but what do I know! I e-mailed the coordinator from my clinic here and the donor co to let them know that it's D day. Time to make a decision for this month... Possible u/s tomorrow..?

Today is a good day at work. I have Maddie here with me today! She's recovering well from her dental surgery. She has only 5 teeth left now and they are all on the one side of her mouth. She looks really cute. She's got a crooked smile now, and she like to stick her tongue out the one side! LOL! All in all they removed 24 teeth! YIKES!!! We knew this going in. She's had horrible teeth problems all along. It's common with the 'toy' breed! We are now scheduling in the other 2 to have theirs cleaned and some extracted. We've decided that Tonka and Lexxie should go on the same day since they are Ick and Bick! This way too they won't drive each other nuts during recovery. But we will be officially broke! I think I should have been a doggy dentist!


Becky- Vivian's Mom said...

Hey- I noticed your blog- I have had similar experiences as you- diagnosed with POF at 28- daughter born via IVF- DE at 34. Check out my blog- so where are you at right now with your POF?

Mad Hatter said...

Still no results? I've never had a biopsy so I don't know how long it takes, but I guess it doesn't hurt to call and ask, right? Glad you could take Maddie to work, poor thing! Hope she continues to recover well!
P.S. I think it's so cool that you've added fish to your blog, too - but, hon, they're a symbol of FERTILITY, not infertility. ;-)