August 31, 2009

Introducing the Fur-Babies

Starting from left to right:
Lexxie - the baby girl 6 years old
Maddie - the mom 10 years old
Tonka - the dad 8 years old
We didn't intend to have 3 dogs. We baby sat my brother's maltese Chevy for 9 months while he was in England. When it came time for Chevy to go home JD and I couldn't picture our lives without one, so Maddie was purchased before Chevy went back to my brother. Chevy unfortunately was hit by a car and killed during a family weekend 3 weeks before our wedding. The family (all of us) was destroyed. It was horrible! Maddie was there when it happened and I tell you that dog was depressed! So on our honeymoon JD and I bought a paper. Sure enough there was an ad for maltese puppies. We called, there was only 2 left available. When we got there tiny Tonka just stumbled right to me. He was soooo tiny (still is)! I loved him the moment I saw him. Well long and short Maddie and him had puppies. The first litter was 2 boys and they promptly were adopted by family members. 6 months later when JD wasn't paying attention BAM Maddie's prego again! 2 puppies were born, both males, then 2 hours later Maddie crawls into JD's lap and out comes Lexxie! We kind of took that as a sign that she was meant to be ours. And being the only girl...

Anyway, these are my fur-babies. They make life so much better. When the days are dark at my house you can bet you are always going to get a slobbery kiss. I would love to be able to bring them to work with me everyday, because then at least I could sneak into my office and have unconditional love anytime I want. But nope! Tonka is a barker! Tonka is and always has been a handful! 5 pounds but he thinks he's 50 lbs!

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Helene said...

Your fur babies are adorable! What a sweet story of how they came into your family.

I found your blog on Tiffany's blogroll and I hope you don't mind me reading! The title of your blog caught my eye, as I was dx with high FSH as well, when I was in my early 30's. I wrote a little bit about my experience on my blog if you ever want to read it (just look on my right sidebar for labels and it's under "infertility"). I haven't finished the series yet because believe it or not, even though we did end up with a happy ending, it's still hard to write brings back so many painful memories.

Wishing you the very best of luck for this cycle!! :-)