August 28, 2009

Biopsy Complete

It wasn't at all what I remembered from my past biopsies. This one was worse! I will spare you the details, but I will say I am still in quite a bit of pain today. Cramping, tight and just plain sucky! The new drug that has been added today could also be playing a role in the not feeling well. I don't know. I'm now finally nearing the end of DE IVF #1 - part 2. No transfer yet again. But hopefully DE IVF #1 - part 3 will be starting shortly and maybe just maybe this time we will make it to a transfer!

Onto my Fur Baby

Maddie is getting better. Slowly but surely. The vet wasn't 100% sure that it wasn't an abscess from a tooth infection as she is overdue to lose a few teeth. We have now booked her for dental surgery on Tuesday. She's on antibiotics for 2 weeks. I've been washing the area of her face with Epsom salts and warm water. The abscess' have exploded (disgusting), and it does finally look better! Thank God! Now I just have to worry about my 10 year old dog going under anesthetic! I'm going to give all 3 pups a bath this weekend, so at least she'll look good next week when she won't be feeling good!

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Hope C said...

I'm so sorry it was painful. I have my fingers crossed you'll be able to transfer asap!