June 3, 2009

Wine and Cheese - Really

Now tonight after working a 12 hour day we have to go to a Wine and Cheese. It's for Habitat for Humanity, and we go every year as my Father in Law is very involved in the program. Usually it's a pretty good time... BUT.... It always falls on a day when I have to work all day. So we aren't home until after 10! Which means I have to bring every thing in with me to get ready to go! SUCKS!!! So I have to try to fix my hair, makeup and get dressed after the office closes. Awesome!
What sucks more than this though...
Because of my wicked Thyroid disease my weight has gone up to uncomfortable levels. In my day I was 100 lbs, little size 6... Now! Not so much! And I eat healthier and lighter than I ever have, I work out 5 days a week. And all I do is gain weight! So nothing fits. And if I wear an empire waist shirt to cover my huge ass people ask if I'm pregnant! Awesome! I love getting kicked while I'm already down. Arrrgghhh!
So of course this morning I had a break down, sobbing and ranting wanting to hit something, anything... I know there are people a lot more worse of than me... But man I mean really could God have a worse sense of humour. Okay you've made me baron, but did you have to give me a disease that makes me fat! I mean really! Can't I at least look good, while feeling empty! Okay pity party over, throw on the fake smile and try to make it through another evening of people asking when we are going to have babies! Awesome can't wait!!! Wish me luck!

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Hope C said...

Ugh, thyroid problems suck. You've earned a pity party for the day. Get back on the horse tomorrow.

Enjoy the wine and have fun w/ your DH!