June 4, 2009

Back in the Saddle...

Today is a better day... I officially am on vacation starting at 1:00 today for 1 week. I really need this to get my head back on straight. Pull myself out of this funk. I ordered some new clothes from my favorite Vic.toria Sec.ret yesterday, so I should have those by Saturday. Yahhh! Pants that fit! And I'm heading to my parents this weekend for a visit. My dad has been away for 3 months doing contract work so this is a much needed visit.
The Wine and Cheese last night was okay... My feet hurt so bad from working all day (standing) and then getting into a killer pair of stilettos, I really needed 1 or 2 glasses of red wine... Well I got 1 and then they ran out of wine! Yup! They ran out of Wine at the Wine & Cheese. LOL! And there was no getting near the cheese table. The venue was too small and confining for 300 people. It was really not a great party this year. We've gone every year they've done it and this one was no good. It was impossible to mingle and meet people as you felt like you were being herded... Oh well! 1 bad year out of 7 really isn't that bad, and how wonderful that they sold out! All that money goes to Habitat which is a fantastic program. So it really wasn't a total bust from that perspective.

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