June 18, 2009


Finally the agency made contact with us this morning. They are still missing a few things from our medical profile. Mainly my pap... Well that's because I haven't had 1 in 3 years... Oooops!! I've become a little lazy on getting those. I had 1 every 6 months for awhile, then every year, and I only got told 3 years ago I could now stretch it to every 3...So I took advantage of it! Through the cancer cells, cysts and infertility, I have had enough people down there!!!! Urrrggghhh! Thankfully my GP will scoot me in tonight so I can have that done pdq!!! Now we need to get a new SA on JD, and 1 other blood test for me. And we are done with all the testing! Wohooo!
I don't really know how they sync us up... And I'm really trying not to get too excited because it could still be 2 more months. It probably will be. But it's hard not to get excited! I finally have a chance. I keep reminding myself anything is better then a less than 5% chance. And honestly with what my body decided to do in the last year I think my chances were less than 1%!!!!
Fingers crossed all mine and JD's testing comes back good!!!!

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Brenda said...

Congrats and good luck! I hope everything works out really quickly and successfully for you :)